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    KOOLsoundThe product enjoys a good reputation all over the world
    KOOLsound(KOOLsound00000)Was established1965Years£¨Is recognized as the world's leading microphone and audio electronics manufacturers°£KOOLsoundHeadquarters is located in France£¨And in Germany°ĘThe United Kingdom°ĘJapan°ĘWith regional branches in mainland China and Hong Kong£¨Be responsible for the sales and marketing°£

    KOOLsoundProducts have been widely used in various industries°ĘMarket and occasion
    Whether the concert stage°ĘThe studio°ĘRadio and television stations£¨Or religious places of public broadcasting system£¨Conference facilities or other occasions°£Where need high quality audio performance£¨KOOLsoundProducts is preferred°£

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